My Continuing Lessons

  • I must always be prepared to throw everything I make out – otherwise I become attached to the result not the process. This means that I give way to fear and stop learning and experimenting with my art and style. The process then becomes only a means to an end – only the outcome becomes important instead of the process. Be scared but have the courage to do it anyway. It’s the boldness that enriches the expression. I must risk ruining my art everyday, to go beyond yesterday.
  • There are no such things as mistakes in art. Because that assumes the importance is a) In the outcome b) less than it should/could have been.
  • Don’t think that I know better (my mind) than the force of the art itself – the creation- God- creation is the highest force.
  • When truly aligned I gain a fuller understanding and experience than I would have ever been able to have gained on my own. Some force comes in and creates through me.
  • Just start – do something – something will emerge. It can only emerge out of nothing. Often it’s good not to know what – let it happen. Let it move my heart, my soul and then it will move my hands.
  • If I don’t start anything then nothing will happen – all will stay in potentiality, not manifested. Have discipline and faith.