Evolution of Expression

I didn't know, I was in the middle of a transformation, I had no idea, that one day I would become a butterfly and would fly and my heart beat my own wings. I could only, feel the pain and liquification of my then 'self'.

Tension Within

I am currently working on a piece that is focused on the inner tension.

New Sculpture - a work in progress

and so the journey begins......and life takes it's form

Healing through the dark emotions

Excerpts from healing through the dark emotions by Miriam Greenspan


In my sculptures I aim to capture the fullness of a single moment in life.

My Continuing Lessons

If I don’t start anything then nothing will happen – all will stay in potentiality, not manifested. Have discipline and faith.

My Commandments

I have noted the following commandments/notes over my time sculpting.

Shona Lyon, Sculptor

A passion for sacred geometry and its magic is behind the stunning, powerful and sometimes shocking pieces created by new sculptor Shona Lyon, exhibiting for the first time this month.


To create something I must first become nothing.