Sculpture Classes & Workshops
Private Tuition by Shona Lyon

In Auckland only.

I am available for limited periods for private or semi private tuition.

Use of equipment and general materials for use during the Tuition are included. $150 per hour (for one or two people).

The vouchers can be redeemed when a time suits both parties.



Private Tuition by Shona Lyon - Sculpture classes and workshops

Sculpting, Moulding & Casting Workshops, Auckland, New Zealand

We hold a wide range of weekend, weekday and night workshops at our Auckland studio. Please contact us to find out more about these workshops.

We have the following workshops available:

Clay Portrait Sculpture Workshop - Shona Lyon Workshops

Clay Portrait Sculpture Workshop

We begin our workshop with a lecture on the creation of a generic skull as the foundation for Portrait Sculpture. Bony landmarks are observed and the geometric relationships between them highlighted. This course enhances the knowledge of the placement of information necessary for the creation of any good portrait, as well as teaching methods used "to see" more clearly. The generic foam skull is then turned into the skull of the model, and clay modeling techniques are taught to create the portrait.

Figurative Weekend Workshop - Female torsos with Shona Lyon

Figurative Workshops - Female torsos

The Figurative Clay Modeling Class teaches the basics of figure work using a particular method which combines traditional clay figure modeling methods and geometric relationships between fundamental points of the body. This creates a "grid-like model" which is developed from the front, two sides, and back views. This provides a road map that can be retraced if you lose your way. Due to time restraints for this weekend workshop, we will be concentrating on the Torso, rather than the full figure.  If you wish to cast your Torso, please also enrol in the Moulding & Casting workshop

I encourage all participants to let go of any "product" orientation and concentrate on "process learning" during our workshops. I believe this will greatly enhance your ability to learn and explore the art of sculpting and enable you to let go of any unhelpful self criticising talk that inhibits learning.

Moulding & Casting Weekend Workshop with Shona Lyon

Moulding & Casting Workshop

This is a Level 2 hands-on workshop, so it would be advisable that students had attended the Basic Moulding and Casting Workshop prior to participating in this course. However, while it is not a prerequisite, you may have a little catching up to do before the course. So please advise when booking whether you have completed the basic workshop.

This course is for people who want to learn how to mould slightly more complicated pieces than can be moulded using the pour or block mould method used in our basic workshop. Alex will take you through the brush-on and blanket mould methods required for more complicated shapes such as torsos and portraits. She will take you through the process, prior to guiding you while you mould and cast your own model. Sculptures should not be more than 30cm (12”) high. A photo or drawing (including dimensions) needs to be supplied 7 days prior to the course along. This is to ensure suitability of the model and allows Alex to ask a few questions prior to the workshop…such as what the model is made of etc…

This workshop will lead those wishing to continue their moulding experience into our advanced Moulding Making and Casting Workshop – which will be available the following year. This will include sprues and venting for those more complicated models